“I have 10 women currently pregnant in the US, Canada, Asia, Africa and Europe - Man nicknamed The Sperminator boasts as he welcomes his ''165th'' child

Sunday, June 16, 2024 - A man nicknamed The Sperminator just welcomed his 165th child saying he has so many reasons to celebrate Father’s Day.

Ari Nagel, a 48-year-old man from Brooklyn, New York, welcomed his 165th child into the world on Wednesday, June 12 boasting he has kids in almost all the continents of the world while revealing the date he will retire from fathering kids.

“I’ll stop when I’m 50,” Nagel, who will turn 49 in August, told The Post.

“Physically I can keep going, but there may be increased risks for things like autism with older males,” he explained via text from a cruise ship in the Bahamas, where he was vacationing with his first son, 20-year-old Tyler, and child No. 33, his 7-year-old daughter Topaz.

But for now, Kingsborough Community College math professor is celebrating his latest baby, who was birthed by a woman from Connecticut, US.

“It was that mom’s fourth child with me,” Nagel boasted.

“I have 10 women currently pregnant in the US, Canada, Asia, Africa and Europe … Zimbabwe and Long Island are due in July, and Israel and Queens are due in August,” he boasted, adding that one of his baby mamas from France, is expected to give birth at any moment.

Nagel hands over sperm samples to one or two aspiring mothers per week, he said, sometimes through clinics and other times in face-to-face, but non-sexual, meetings.

He has also vowed to “try to be a better father to my 175 children” – 34 of whom he hasn’t met yet.

“I’ll never be able to be as good of a dad to my kids as my father was to me,” lamented Nagel.

“Having lots of kids can bring a lot of happiness and joy into your life, [but] I don’t suggest 175,” he said.

The Sperminator said he sees many of his sons and daughters often especially the 56 who live in New York, the 20 in New Jersey and the 13 in Connecticut.

“Some moms don’t want me to play a role, but I leave them the option if they change their mind, and most do once the child gets a little older and starts asking questions,” he said.

In his office, he keeps a spreadsheet with the names, birthdays, addresses and phone numbers of each offspring and their pictures are pasted on his wall.

Speaking about Father's Day, he said;

“I will receive many cards and gifts,” he said.

The one piece of advice Nagel says he tries to impart to his children is to “embrace saying ‘Yes’ to doing favors, new experiences, invites and opportunities.

“It’s the key to a fulfilling life. I say yes to everything,” he said.

But he wishes there was a woman out there who would say yes to him.

“I have the dating apps, but haven’t had much success finding a woman who wants to date someone with 165 kids and 10 women pregnant. I’m also pretty broke — which doesn’t help.”

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