I don’t care anymore! OSORO angers Gen Zs again as he vows to vote ‘YES’ to the punitive Finance Bill if it is brought back to Parliament


Saturday June 29, 2024 - South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro has irked the Gen Zs yet again.

This is after he said that he would still vote for the Finance Bill 2024 if it was brought back to Parliament despite all the anguish and pain it has caused. 

Taking to his social media, Osoro, who is also the Majority Whip, affirmed that voting a ‘NO’ for him was not an option despite the insults and nationwide protests against the Finance Bill.

"Those waiting for an apology from me will have to wait longer. I would still vote YES if the Bill came today to parliament," Osoro affirmed. 

This comes even as President William Ruto declined to sign the Finance Bill 2024 and sent it back to parliament with reservations, recommending the deletion of all clauses. 

The President recommended a multisectoral, bipartisan, and multistakeholder engagement to address the future of Kenya on matters in the Finance Bill 2024 that Kenyans have raised.

Further Ruto directed immediate austerity measures to reduce expenditure in the executive arm of government.

The Head of State succumbed to pressure from Kenyans after nationwide protests against the Finance Bill 2024. 

The protests were being led by Gen Zs and millennials who demanded that the Bill be rejected in its entirety after Legislators voted to pass the Bill in parliament. 

The protests turned violent with at least ten people being killed countrywide and over 300 people sustaining injuries. 


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