GIDEON MOI joins Kenyans in calling for the rejection of the Finance Bill 2024 in its entirety – LOOK!

Thursday, June 20, 2024 KANU Chairman Gideon Moi has urged Kenyans to reject the entire Finance Bill 2024, as it will overburden many citizens.

In a statement on Thursday, Moi said that any attempts to increase taxes to address the budget deficit should be rejected because it will make the lives of ordinary Kenyans a living hell.

He went on to say that Economic experts agree that Kenya does not face a revenue problem but an expenditure issue. 

The former Baringo County Senator noted that while some of the punitive taxes have been removed, other punitive ones have been silently slipped into the Bill.

"Therefore, the National Assembly must reject the Finance Bill, 2024, in its entirety.

"The proposed amendments to clauses of the bill prescribing highly unpopular taxation measures have been canceled out by other equally punitive proposals slipped into the bill," Moi said.

The Kanu boss noted that to achieve prosperity, the country's leadership must prioritise industrialization over taxation.

He said this will help expand the tax base and therefore they will be able to grow the revenue collection.


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