GEN Zs are not protesting against Finance Bill, they are just making TikTok videos to generate views – Vocal Kenya Kwanza MP misleads RUTO again

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - Kitui South MP Rachel Nyamai has urged President William Ruto not to be bothered by the ongoing demonstrations against the Finance Bill by Gen Z.

Speaking on the floor of the National Assembly, Nyamai dismissed the Gen Z’s, saying the youths who are protesting lack legitimate intentions.

She stated that some protestors were on the streets merely to gain attention on TikTok, but were not against the Finance Bill.

The legislator mentioned that one of the students she sponsors had conveyed this sentiment to her after participating in the protests.

According to Nyamai, the student had texted her, expressing concerns about the Finance Bill, particularly the proposed taxes on motor vehicle circulation and bread. 

However, Nyamai noted that since these taxes had been scrapped, there was no reason for her sponsored student to continue protesting.

“I asked her why were on the street, and the girl told me she was not on the street concerning the bill, she told me she was there for TikTok” stated Nyamai.

To that end, Nyamai supported the controversial Finance Bill following the success of the 2023 Finance Act.

The MP's sentiments come against the backdrop of Kenyans staging protests across various parts of the country to oppose the adoption of the Finance Bill of 2024.

Youthful Kenyans thronged the streets, decrying that despite several clauses being struck off the bill, punitive measures still existed, leading them to reject the entire bill.


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