Former Mombasa Governor HASSAN JOHO slams clueless RUTO over punitive FINANCE BILL 2024 - Urges MPs to reject it

Monday, June 17, 2024 - Former Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho has slammed President William Ruto’s administration over the punitive and retrogressive Finance Bill 2024.

The Bill which has the support of state house mandarins and treasury is set to introduce a raft of taxes on basic commodities, making life in Kenya a living hell.

Speaking at Ummu Kulthum mosque, where some Muslim leaders gathered for Eid-ul-Adha prayers, Joho said those in power today only want to bulldoze issues that selfishly benefit them at the expense of suffering Kenyans.

He said Kenya, at this moment, needs everyone to come together and pull in one direction to cushion the masses from the high cost of living instead of pushing the cost even higher.

“Especially in Parliament, we want to see MPs who will sit and speak for and on behalf of the people of Kenya. 

"They should not play a part in sabotaging the economy and the country,” Joho said.

He said this was not the time to move along hardline party stances but to listen to the voice of the people.

The ODM deputy party leader said governments are supposed to facilitate the growth of business all over the world.

“If you take any action that is to the contrary, like taking legal steps that will cause closure of businesses, then you will be part of the saboteurs,” he said.

“You may be in a position where people will be afraid to tell you the truth but through your role in the closure of businesses in Kenya, you take part in sabotaging the country’s economy."

“So what you are doing is to make our people poorer every day. What is your intention? Do you want people to remain poor so you can continue ruling them?” Joho posed.


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