FINANCE BILL 2024 will sort the economic mess left by UHURU – OSCAR SUDI says as he attacks KIKUYUS

Monday, June 17, 2024 - Kapsaret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi has said he supports the Finance Bill 2024 because it will help the country settle debts that were accumulated by former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime.

Speaking in his constituency on Sunday, Sudi Kenya will be freed from heavy foreign debts and the cost of living will drop drastically if the Finance Bill 2024 is passed by Parliament.

“Let us not get tired but continue to stand with our President because his vision for this country is working already. In a few more months, the country’s economy will be very stable,” he said. 

Sudi, who is a close ally of President William Ruto also castigated leaders bent on introducing politics based on tribalism in the country. 

“Kikuyus should stop this thing of calling themselves Mt Kenya groups yet they are national and found in all corners of the country,” Sudi said. 


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  1. How do you support the finance bill when you have not even read it? Does he even understand what he is talking about?