Former Laikipia Woman Rep, CATE WARUGURU, at the centre of a high-octane drama involving her current husband PETER WAWERU and his ex-wife ZIPPORAH NJOKI(LOOK).

Sunday, June 16, 2024 - Former Laikipia Woman Representative Hon. Cate Waruguru is at the center of a tumultuous and high-stakes drama involving her partner Peter Waweru's ex-wife Zipporah Njoki.

This ongoing saga which first grabbed headlines in May 2021 with accusations of assault has now escalated into a fierce property dispute with both legal and personal implications.

 Zipporah Njoki recently received a demand letter from Rock and Pure Limited (a company co-owned by Waruguru and Waweru) requiring her to vacate the matrimonial home by June 30, 2024 or pay a monthly rent of Ksh. 300,000.

 The company asserts ownership of the property having acquired it on April 27, 2021 but Njoki disputes this transfer alleging it was conducted without her knowledge or consent.

Njoki's legal team responded to this demand, arguing that the property is still subject to ongoing legal suits in the Environment and Land Court and the High Court Family Division.

They maintain that the transfer was unlawful and that evicting Njoki and her children would violate existing court orders designed to protect their welfare.

Meanwhile, Kate seems to have deleted most of Peter's photos from her Facebook page.

 Previously, she constantly posted about him but since February, his photos have disappeared from her account.

Nowadays she’s just posting reggae lyrics with cryptic messages fueling speculation that he is no longer living with her.

The two formed Rock and Pure Limited with Kate being the majority shareholder.

The company acquired the house after the initial drama where they ambushed and allegedly roughed up Zippy.

Now, they seek to evict Zippy and her children from the house. Waweru had previously announced his divorce from Njoki and stated that irreconcilable differences led to the dissolution of their marriage but Njoki maintains that the divorce was fueled by Waweru's pursuit of a relationship with Waruguru, which began during a turbulent period in their marriage.

The public has responded vociferously to the ongoing drama with many expressing support for Njoki and condemning Waruguru and Waweru's actions.

Social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok are awash with comments demanding justice for Njoki and her children.

This controversy first erupted on May 12, 2021, when Hon. Cate Waruguru allegedly assaulted Zipporah Njoki at her residence in Utange, Mombasa.

Waruguru was reportedly accompanied by four men and disguised in a buibui to conceal her identity/

The group allegedly beat Njoki prompting her to scream for help until neighbors intervened.

Njoki subsequently filed a statement with the Bamburi Police Station.


Via Cyprian Nyakundi.

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