First Lady RACHEL RUTO still believes she is the reason GOD ended 40-year drought by bringing plenty of rain in Kenya – See what she told Ugandans?

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 - First Lady Rachel Ruto still believes she is the reason Kenyans are better off now after praying to God to bring plenty of rain that ended the drought and brought a bumper harvest.

Speaking in Kampala, Uganda, during a conference organized by Phaneroo Ministries International, Rachel gave insight into how President William Ruto used the church in solving one of Kenya’s worst droughts in history.

She noted that the current rains being witnessed in the country are a result of spiritual intervention after she prayed for a miracle. 

She stated that the Lord had spoken to her and her team and revealed that Kenya was supposed to repent as a means to end the drought crisis.

“In 2022, Kenya faced its worst drought in 40 years with some areas missing rainfall for over four consecutive seasons,” she told the faithful in Uganda.

“In one of our prayer meetings, the Lord spoke to us to gather the nation in repentance and pray to God for the blessings of rain.”

Rachel remarked that she communicated this to her husband President William Ruto who agreed to organize a day for prayer and repentance. 

She noted that she and a section of Kenyans embarked on days of fasting and prayer leading to the day of repentance. 

The First Lady remarked that Ruto sought the face of the Lord by agreeing to lead the nation in prayer on February 14, 2023, at the Nyayo International Stadium. 

“We petitioned God to bless us with rain and immediately after the assembly, light rains were reported in some parts of the country,” she gave her testimony. 

Rachel added that 30 days after the National Prayer Day, every part of the country witnessed ample rainfall.

She added that it had been over a year since the rains began and are yet to end. 


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