EMMY KOSGEI’s father is lucky to be alive – See how Gen Zs saved him when fellow UDA MPs left him there to be killed after voting YES to Finance Bill?


Friday June 28, 2024 - UDA nominated Member of Parliament Jackson Kosgei has thanked the Gen Zs for saving his life when they stormed Parliament on Tuesday during anti-Finance Bill protests.

Speaking during an interview, Kosgei, who had just voted YES to the draconian Finance Bill, revealed that he was unable to evacuate the building alongside his colleagues given that he was in a wheelchair.

He explained that the evacuation route that leads to the tunnel was unfriendly for disabled Kenyans, hence opting to seek refuge at a building inside Parliament.

Kosgei, who is also the father to the Nigerian-based gospel musician Emmy Kosgei, detailed that he, alongside a female MP who uses crutches, opted to seek refuge at the private members' lounge.

However, in the process, the protesters made their way to the building adding that the youth started to engage him in a conversation.

Contrary to his expectations, he noted that the protesters advised him to leave the building, even going forward to evacuate him from the building for his safety.

"When they came and found us there, they told me that they knew who I was. They told me that I was a good man and they wanted to escort me out stating that what would happen next may not be good," the nominated MP narrated.

"They said that they were not bad people but were just fighting for their rights. They asked me where they wanted me to go and I told them where they could take me. They took me to a safe place."

Kosgei thanked the young men for helping him adding that they showed him humanity despite his stance in supporting the Finance Bill 2024.

"I want to thank the young men who saved my life and that of my colleague. Even in their moment of anger, they still had humanity in them," he stated.


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