Drama as embattled MP DIDMUS BARASA takes action after angry youth disrupted his rally for voting YES to the contentious Finance Bill – Look!

Monday, July 1, 2024 - Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa was on Saturday forced to mobilise goons to ensure the angry Gen Zs do not disrupt his rally.

Barasa has been a target of the Ge Zs after he voted in favour of President William Ruto’s punitive Finance Bill which has since been rejected after the deadly protests by the young people.

Things started getting out of hand after the legislator started pointing out how he was pushing for his constituents’ interests in various ways. As this was happening, a group of disgruntled youth disrupted the rally.

Seeking to avoid a full-blown confrontation, Barasa's supporters who had graced the event started running away. 

‘Please come back. There is nothing to worry about. I have enough youth with me who can tackle that,” he implored residents who were running away. 

Barasa dismissed the youth who wanted to invade his rally as criminals with nothing better to do.

After much pleading, the audience agreed to come back as the other opposing group appeared subdued by the youth accompanying Barasa. 

When Barasa announced he would hold a rally in Kimilili, an online campaign was started with youth encouraged to disrupt his event.

However, Barasa remarked that Kimilili residents had nothing to be worried about after President Ruto rejected the Bill on Wednesday. 

He claimed that despite Ruto calling for austerity measures, Kimilili had already received funds for socioeconomic development. 


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