Detectives trail a bhang trafficker who received a sack of bhang from Tanzania at Likoni matatu station disguised as oranges (PHOTOs).


Friday, June 14, 2024 - A team of Anti-Narcotics officers from Kilindini trailed a suspect as he loitered at the Likoni matatu station, impatiently waiting for a delivery sent from Tanga in Tanzania.

After a few hours, Collins Omondi seized the parcel and discretely stowed it in his Subaru Treza Reg. No. KDE 948E.

The officers, shadowing Omondi's every move, trailed him to the Fazuka Apartment Complex in Utange Solian, where they swiftly arrested the unsuspecting smuggler.

A meticulous search in his vehicle uncovered a cleverly concealed manilla sack, camouflaged with a mound of oranges. 

Upon closer examination, the sack was found to harbor 14kg of dry greenish plant material, arousing strong suspicion of the illicit drug, Bhang!

Securing the exhibit and with the suspect well restrained, the officers knocked at the house of Halima Masudi Hassan, who was up and ready to do some business.

 In her house, an additional 12kg of bhang was seized.

The two suspects were arrested and taken to Port Police Station awaiting arraignment.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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