DAVID NDII now blames UHURU for RUTO’s outrageous Finance Bill as things get tough– Look! This will shock the Gen Zs

Monday, June 24, 2024 – President Willliam Ruto’s economic adviser David Ndii has blamed former Uhuru Kenyatta for being the reason Kenya Kwanza government came up with the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

Taking to his X account, Ndii accused Uhuru’s government of plunging the country into huge debts through corruption.

He noted that the huge debts forced the government to come up with the Finance Bill 2024 to help alleviate the country’s debt levels.

“The irony of these cool kids protesting Finance Bill they are clueless about is many are children of the plunderers who’ve bankrupted the State,” Ndii claimed.

According to Ndii, part of those demonstrating against the bill were children of some of the corrupt officials in the past government systems.

“You want to know where the money went? Look around you, visit your aunties, ask your parents. 

"It bought the houses, the cars, the holidays, paid your college,” Ndii stated.

"The thing with you, class warfare worked once, now you think class warfare has a second charm with the younger folks."

Ndii reiterated that the government would not be intimidated through street demonstrations to change its stance on the Finance Bill 2024.

He further urged the protesting youth to concede and support the government's proposed tax measures that he claimed sought to revitalize the country's economy.

“Here is the low down. The country is going to change and you are welcome to join, but be careful where you throw stones," Ndii commented.

Ndii's sentiments come against the backdrop of the recent demonstrations by Kenyans against the contentious bill.


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