Controversial cross-dresser, KINUTHIA, undergoes procedure to permanently remove his beard.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 - Kelvin Kinuthia, a controversial digital content creator, has made a significant decision to undergo laser hair removal.

The choice to pursue hair removal stemmed from several discomforts he encountered while creating content and managing personal grooming.

Speaking candidly to his audience on YouTube, Kinuthia explained the motivations behind his decision.

Firstly, he expressed discomfort with his facial hair affecting his confidence during content creation.

He found the repetitive task of shaving cumbersome and often unsatisfactory, leading to inconsistent results.

Moreover, the alternative of visiting a barber added to his unease due to the attention he felt he garnered.

Guys, the reality is that saa zingine nakaanga mpaka na loose psyche ya kufanya content because I feel I am looking bad lazima niende ninyolewe…na ukijinyoa nyumbani it is not as clean as going to the barber shop.

Na ukienda kila time kwenda kwa barber is so awkward another awkward moment ni ukienda kwa barber kila msee anakuangalia na ako like…huyu ameingia ako na wig na braids amekuja kufanya nini, but that was kitambo
,” he said.

Reflecting on his grooming routine, Kinuthia acknowledged that despite his efforts to shave regularly, he still felt uncomfortable with visible facial hair.

This discomfort sometimes led him to apply more makeup to conceal stubble, further complicating his routine.

By opting for laser hair removal, Kinuthia aims to alleviate these challenges and enhance his comfort while maintaining his professional appearance on camera. 

His decision underscores a personal journey towards greater confidence and efficiency in his daily routine as a content creator.


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