Arrogant South Mugirango MP, SLYVANUS OSORO, threatens to shoot at protesters who dare storm his home - Mtaokota maiti hadi mchoke.

Saturday, June 29, 2024- South Mugirango Member of Parliament, Slyvanus Osoro, has warned protesters against invading his home as his colleagues in the Parliament who voted yes for the finance bill continue to face resistance from their constituents.

Osoro said he travelled upcountry to guard his home against attack by protesters and warned that if the protesters dare to storm his home, it will be a massacre.

He bragged that he is fully armed and ready to deal with intruders.

Osoro said he put all his businesses aside and travelled upcountry to deal with protesters who dare to storm his home.

“Kwangu wakija wataokota maiti hadi wachoke. I literary decided to be home for them. Na sijawaona. I am still waiting,” he wrote in a WhatsApp group.

A group of protesters tried to storm his home on Thursday but they were chased away by the police.

The government deployed police officers to guard Osoro’s home after the palatial home of Molo MP and the National Assembly Finance Committee chairman Kuria Kimani was torched.


The Kenyan DAILY POST. 

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  1. Gen Z let find this boy he can't kill our people n go free...let do it our way