You are a national shame! Kenya Kwanza Senator strips GACHAGUA naked over his tribalism as he abandons him

Saturday, May 25, 2024 – Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua will regret advocating for one-man, one-shilling for the benefit of the vote-rich Mt. Kenya region.

This is after he appears to be on his own on this campaign as leaders from all over shun him.

In a statement yesterday, Mandera Senator Ali Roba hit out at Gachagua, saying his one-man, one-shilling, one-vote agenda is selfish.

According to Senator Roba, the policy threatens the country’s national unity and poses a risk to marginalized regions in Kenya.

The former Mandera Governor noted that the sharing revenue based on population neglects the diverse needs of Kenya’s various regions and would exacerbate existing inequalities. 

“The Deputy President of Kenya, Hon. Rigathi Gachagua, positioning himself primarily as a leader for the Mount Kenya region and championing the “one man, one shilling, one vote” policy, presents significant risks to Kenya’s national unity and development.”

“This approach risks marginalizing less populated but equally needy regions, eroding the sense of national cohesion, and potentially increasing regionalism or tribalism,” read the statement in part.

Roba pointed out that the role of the Deputy President is to assist in national governance and not to serve as a regional representative.

He warned Gachagua that prioritizing the interests of the Mt Kenya region undermines his national duty and sets a precedent that could lead to further division in Kenya.

“The position taken by Rigathi Gachagua has already kickstarted the debate about Kenya having 8-9 deputy presidents to champion their regional interests alongside Rigathi Gachagua. 

"Maybe, that is what we should do but what will that mean for our country if that was to be considered?” Roba posed.

Further, the Kenya Kwanza governor told DP Gachagua to carry himself with decorum as the Deputy President of Kenya.

“We all need to remind our deputy president that he is no longer the MP of Mathira constituency but the second in command of the Republic of Kenya. 

"If he misses being an MP he can resign and become the mouthpiece of that constituency,” Roba added.


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