Panic as CS LINTURI threatens to name senior government officials, MPs and Senators who have refused to pay their loans

Saturday, May 25, 2024 - Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has threatened to expose senior government officials who he claims were defaulting on the Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) loans.

Appearing before the Senate to answer questions regarding his ministry, the CS claimed that the officials were from the Executive, National Assembly, and even the Senate.

“For some time, people have thought that AFC is a place to pick money and go without paying. Politicians and senior government officials have taken money from AFC and they do not pay. 

"Please take note that very soon I’m going to release the list of shame for people who are sitting in this senate, national assembly, executive and have taken money and have not paid,” Linturi stated.

The CS maintained that the government had no problem lending anybody money provided the money is paid back.

Linturi asserted that AFC was a farmer's bank which finances agricultural projects even as he asked the state officials to return the money 

"AFC being a farmer's bank, we want to finance farmers. If you take money go and pay. Even if you're a member of parliament here come and borrow. Give your proposal and we will give money.”

"But when you get the money please pay. We do not have money for you to go and build flats. And once we get to know about it, we will deal with the matter within the full force of law," the CS remarked.

Linturi said that his ministry is making efforts to sensitize farmers on the availability of AFC loans.


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