Why some African Heads of State don't want RAILA ODINGA to clinch the AUC seat - Is BABA's bid doomed?

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga's chances of clinching the African Union Chairperson seat are slimming day by day following the endorsement of Somalia's candidate Fawzia Yusuf Adam by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

On Monday, Somalia Foreign Minister Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, disclosed OIC, with close to 30 African member States, will rally behind the Somalia candidate for the position of chairperson of AUC for the 2025–2028 term.

This is a big blow to Raila Odinga who was hoping to replace Mousa Faki who retires in 2025.

Reacting to this sudden move, Professor Fred Ogola, the leader of Operation Linda Jamii, said some heads of state might be supporting Fawzia because they believe Raila’s strong personality is unfit to hold the AUC chairmanship.

“You know the African Union Council chairman is the CEO of African Presidents.  Remember he will be in charge of peacekeeping and development there… 

"For instance in DR Congo which is having issues with Rwanda will Kagame be comfortable with Raila in charge or being the key person for Africa’s peace where even budgets for peace negotiations might go to his office,” Ogola reckons.

Ogola is of the view that Raila’s character as a leader who is “pushy” based on his “record of organizing demonstrations in Kenya” could scare other leaders and deny him the chance of ascending to the helm of AUC.

 “The persona of Raila can also be his own weakness in the race for the post because he has been known as a very strong Opposition leader. In fact, he looks like the strongest Opposition leader in Africa. 

"Tell me which country has a stronger Opposition leader than Raila. (Julius) Malema is trying in South Africa but he doesn’t reach him.  

"If you are the Head of State of Rwanda and Rwanda has a conflict with DRC, do you want Raila to be key in that conversation?” posed Ogola.


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