MIGUNA MIGUNA reveals why he blocks some loudmouths on his X platform including UHURU, RAILA and RUTO

Tuesday, May 7,2024 - Controversial Kenyan lawyer and barrister, Miguna Miguna, has explained why he constantly blocks some people on his social media platforms, especially on X ( formerly Twitter).

In an exclusive interview with Internet personality Oga Obinna on Monday, Miguna, who is also a barrister based in Toronto, Canada, said he usually blocks some people because they engage him without facts and also insults him.

"People who are interested in discussing ideas, interrogating my ideas, or sharing ideas come and disrupt. Engaging such a person is an insult. 

"Anytime I see negativity and lack of ideas I block," Miguna explained.

A while back, Miguna claimed that his candid truth is the reason why he gets blocked by politicians including Azimio One Kenya Alliance leader Raila Odinga, former president Uhuru Kenyatta, and current President William Ruto

 "I have not blocked you anyone. Ruto blocked me. Raila blocked me. 

"I block those who come to my handle to abuse me. I simply speak my mind uncompromisingly," Miguna said.


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