Why Nandi residents are running impatient and have totally lost faith in RUTO and his government – Look!

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - Nandi residents drawn from the Kipkimba area appear to have lost faith in President William Ruto, two years after overwhelmingly electing him.

This is after they accused him and his government of failing to fulfill their campaign pledges.

As a result, the visibly dejected residents have written to their local leaders demanding the actualization of campaign promises made on the campaign trail in the 2022 General Elections.

The residents decried that they had been promised economic transformation within 100 days but close to two years after the elections, the region had nothing to smile about. 

According to one of the residents, not only were the leaders not initiating new projects, but they were also stalling previous ones started by their predecessors.

“During the election period, you pledged to address several key issues that affect our community, including roads in the area, Kipkimba market, Kipkimba dip, power connectivity, enhancing public health facilities, increasing educational opportunities, and youth unemployment among others,” the letter read in part. 

“These issues are of great importance to the residents of Kipkimba and your commitment to resolving them played a significant role in the support you received.”

In the letter, the residents remarked that should the issues highlighted not be addressed, the constituents would seek alternatives. 

The residents told elected leaders from the region that it was their duty to honour commitments made during the campaign period. 

Additionally, the residents asked for accountability on government projects being done in the area. 

Explaining how the leaders had abandoned the area, one of the residents stated that there was no goodwill to finish projects started by previous legislators.


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