Watch your mouth, Rift Valley is not Mt. Kenya - Marakwet elders warn GACHAGUA after attacking OSCAR SUDI as the cracks in Kenya Kwanza widen

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 – Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s attack on Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi has not gone down well with Marakwet elders, who have warned the second in command never to try it again or else there will be consequences.

The elders declared their support for Sudi, pointing out that he is their son and they are proud of his achievements.

They revealed that they had watched him work hard to become a respected MP from a tout in the area.

The elders stated that they were surprised when the second in command decided to engage Sudi in a public exchange of words.

According to the elders, an attack on Sudi was a direct aggression towards the Marakwet community.

"We were surprised to see the Deputy President attacking Sudi, accusing him of walking around with stolen money and disrupting people's constituencies. 

"We were very shocked because how could the DP respond to Sudi, a relatively minor figure, instead of confronting people of his own stature?”

“We were astonished and felt that the attack on Sudi was an attack on us as Marakwet. Imagine someone going so far as to tell us to go back to our homes when we are in Uasin Gishu. 

"Uasin Gishu is cosmopolitan, a place for everyone. Everyone has the right to run for office anywhere, yet someone is telling us not to trouble the Nandi and to go back to our own place," they said.

The elders urged Gachagua to discuss his issues with President William Ruto rather than attack Sudi, whom they described as his underling.


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  1. Leaders have to watch what they say. But if things will turn the other way: Dp. Must be from Mt. Kenya