Watch the moment a reckless boda boda rider was almost swept away by floods while trying to cross a flooded river - Aliona kifo na macho (VIDEO).

Saturday, May 4, 2024 - A boda boda rider escaped death by a whisker after he tried to cross a flooded river.

In the trending video, members of the public are seen pleading with the rider to stop putting his life at risk by riding through the flooded river.

“Rudi huko” they are heard saying in the background.

However, the rider ignores the warning and continues riding through the raging floods.

He is overwhelmed by floods and almost swept away mid-way.

Some onlookers come to his rescue but they are also almost swept away.

They were torn between saving their lives or the motorbike.

Last week, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki said that Kenyans who force their way through flooded bridges and rivers will be charged with attempted suicide.

In a directive to County Security and Intelligence Committees, Kindiki called for the deployment of enforcement teams to all areas prone to flooding.

The CS said the deployed officers must prevent motorists and pedestrians from making dangerous crossovers in these flooded places.

He went on to say that should they defy the directive, the enforcement officer must arrest and charge such persons with attempted suicide or attempted murder.

Watch video of the rider who was almost swept away.

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