Kenya to purchase Israeli’s Spyder Air Defence System using a loan from Tel Aviv

Saturday, May 4, 2024 - The Kenya Kwanza Alliance government is preparing to purchase a high-tech missile defense system from Israel using a Sh 1 billion loan from Tel Aviv.

The missile barrier christened Spyder Air Defence System will be acquired from Rafael Advance Systems Ltd.

The sophisticated system offers protection against aircraft attacks, helicopters, cruise and ballistic missiles.

The configuration, dubbed Spyder all in one, includes the missile launcher, command, and command control system, and a built-in radar.

The upgrade of Kenya's defense system comes in a period of heightened security concern that has seen Iran-backed Houthi rebels fire drones and missiles toward Israel and commercial ships in the Red Sea.

Kenya also faces threats from the Somalia-based terrorist group, the Al-Shabaab, which has carried out a series of attacks in the region for several years if not decades.

The Sh 1 billion loan deal is part of the Sh 168 billion budget allocated to the Ministry of Defence for the fiscal year 2023/2024.


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