Video of man sending kids to hug their mother before she finishes marathon divides viewers

Thursday, May 23, 2024 - This video of a man sending his kids to hug their mother before she finishes a marathon has been criticised by many who say it's grounds for divorce.

In the video going viral, a personal trainer identified as Luciana Grandi Lourencao is seen running towards the finish line to finish first in the Presidente Prudente Half Marathon in Brazil.

However, as she ran down the hill towards the large yellow ribbon marking the finish line, her husband is seen pushing their two kids towards her to hug her.

However, the mum sidesteps her kids and continues to the end. She came first, winning women’s category.

Meanwhile, the husband is seen turning to other onlookers and his body language appears to show his displeasure with his wife's action.

He doesn’t cheer for her or celebrate her win. Instead, he just looks embarrassed and offended that she blew past their children.

Viewers have criticised the husband for his action.

Some say he wanted to ruin his wife's chances or make them disqualify her.

Others have said what he did is grounds for divorce.

Meanwhile, people are debating whether his action was malicious or he was just oblivious.

Watch the video below

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