Video of KAREN NYAMU struggling to explain the draconian FINANCE BILL 2024 - This is embarrassing (WATCH)

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 - A video has emerged of nominated Senator Karen Nyamu struggling to explain about the Finance Bill 2024.

Finance Bill 2024 is a bill sponsored by the Kenya Kwanza Alliance regime, which seeks to introduce bread and motor vehicle taxes to suffering Kenyans.

When she was asked about her take on the Finance Bill 2024, Karen Nyamu, like an uneducated nincompoop, said some words which many Kenyans wondered whether she was a lawmaker or a village dunderhead wearing nice clothes.

She had no grasp on the Finance Bill 2024 and how it would affect Kenyans, especially the hustlers.

He is the video of Karen Nyamu embarrassing herself like a fool when she was asked about the Finance Bill 2024


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  1. Editor ni..., Karen amesema sawasawa, tax ni kwa wale wa high class sanasana.