US Ambassador MEG WHITMAN schools RUTO on how to increase tax collection without hurting Kenyans

Thursday, May 16, 2024 - US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman has advised President William Ruto to change his tax collection strategy to a more harmonious one that will not hurt Kenyans.

Speaking during an interview, Whitman urged Ruto to expand the tax base which she exuded confidence will create more jobs.

The former Silicon Valley executive stated that better-paying jobs with a steady paycheck and some benefits would immensely aid the government meet its annual tax target without hurting poor citizens.

According to the US Ambassador, it was difficult for the government to meet its revenue collection targets by just taxing the same people every other time.

“Taxes are an issue in every country and what we hear from American companies is consistency, keeping taxes the same. Businesses make investments with a return horizon," Whitman noted.

To help create more jobs for the unemployed Kenyans, the government was advised to invest more in the manufacturing sector.

"When I came to Kenya, I thought Kenya would go from agriculture to digital but I think manufacturing is such an essential part of every economy," the US ambassador recommended.

"The number of employees of tech company is relatively small to the number of employees per dollar of revenue of a manufacturing company."

Whitman's comments followed Ruto's sentiments when he announced the government’s intention to impose more taxes Kenyans.


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