‘Ukiachwa achika,’ – WAMBOKA tells LINTURI to stop dragging his ex-wife, Aldai MP MARYANNE KITANY, into his impeachment motion

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 - Bumula Member of Parliament, Jack Wamboka, has told embattled Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi to stop dragging Aldai MP Maryanne Kitany into the impeachment saga.

Linturi and Kitany had a love affair that ended in acrimony.

While making his case to have the CS impeached before the 11-member special committee, Wamboka said it was unfortunate that the CS had invoked the MP in his response letter.

"I have looked at the responses by the CS and it is nothing short of a love letter by a jilted lover," he said.

"These are grave matters to be reduced to lover matters," he said.

"Ukiachwa achika," he remarked.

Wamboka said it was unfortunate for the CS to keep on dragging her into every matter yet she has her own family.

"She has a right to kukukubali na kukukataa, allow her to proceed on with her life," he remarked.

He said it was unfair that every time serious matters came up he tended to involve the MP as to be behind his woes.

Wamboka wondered why CS Linturi was afraid of witnesses if indeed he was innocent.

Linturi is facing impeachment over gross violation of the Constitution and incompetence over the fake fertilizer scandal.


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