To hell with your mean police - Haitians reject RUTO’s move to invade their country as they stage massive demos against him in the U.S

Friday, May 24, 2024 – President William Ruto went against the wish of the Haitian people by deploying Kenyan police officers to the troubled Caribbean nation.

This was evident after a group of Haiti nationals residing in the United States yesterday staged demonstrations outside Kenya’s embassy in the USA at the time Ruto was being hosted by U.S. counterpart Joe Biden at the White House.

The Caribbeans could be spotted holding placards with written messages to Kenya's head of state as they demanded that Ruto stop his planned deployment to Haiti.

While marching around the Kenyan embassy in the U.S., the rowdy demonstrators could be heard chanting President Ruto's name as they demanded he reverse the decision (to deploy Kenyan troops to Haiti).

The protestors accused the U.S. government of instigating gang violence in Haiti and that it was ironic for America to similarly sponsor a peace-keeping mission in the war-ravaged country.

"What Ruto is about to do is to invade Haiti. Haitians say no to occupation," the protestors said as they vented their frustration on the imminent deployment.

Ruto, while commenting on the deployment, said the mission was approved by Kenyans and not the US as alleged and that Kenya was ready to save Haitians from the gang violence.

On his part, Joe Biden clarified that the US could not be involved directly in the mission because it could have been misinterpreted and thus it rallied Kenya to help end the violence in the Caribbean nation.


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