Stop crying like babies; come to Parliament and save Kenyans from RUTO’s punitive taxes – WETANGULA now pleads with RAILA’s Azimio MPs.

Friday, May 17, 2024 - National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula indirectly begged Raila Odinga’s Azimio to save Kenyans from President William Ruto’s draconian Finance Bill, 2024.

Speaking at a funeral service in Bungoma County, Wetangula challenged Azimio MPs to contest the Finance Bill, 2024 in Parliament instead of complaining to Kenyans in public forums.

He castigated politicians for using such forums to air their opinions instead of operating in the best interests of Kenyans.

The Speaker opined that the legislators had the power to ensure that Kenyans were well represented by how they vote on the floor of the house.

He further challenged MPs to avoid debating the bill in such forums, without harbouring any intentions of taking any action on the same.

“I am asking our MPs to save the public from the agony of crying that the Finance Bill, 2024 is bad. You are the ones who pass bills. Come to Parliament and do the right thing for the people of Kenya,” stated Wetangula

Wetangula also noted that the MPs are the drafters of the bill through the Budget Committee arguing that unlike Kenyans, they have a forum where they can get their voices heard.

“The people of Kenya are dependent on you because they elected you,” Wetangula stated.

Wetangula’s sentiments came at a time when the provisions of the Finance Bill, 2024 had attracted criticism from Kenyans across the board over the proposed increase in multiple sets of taxes.


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