Singer LENNY KRAVITZ, 60, reveals he's celibate and hasn't dated for nine years

Thursday, May 30, 2024 - American singer-songwriter and actor, Lenny Kravitz is opening up about embracing celibacy and maintaining physical fitness at the age of 60.

In a recent interview with The Guardian published on Thursday, May 30th, Lenny Kravitz discussed his decision to embrace celibacy for the past nine years. The 60-year-old musician revealed he's on a spiritual journey and is waiting to find the right partner before becoming intimate again.

"Yes, it's a spiritual thing," Kravitz told the Guardian. This isn't his first time speaking about celibacy. Back in 2008, he expressed similar views to Maxim magazine, stating, "It's just a promise I made until I get married.''

Where I'm at in life, the women have got to come with something else, not just the body, but the mind and spirit."

Despite his commitment to celibacy, Kravitz also spoke about his desire for a future relationship

"I have become very set in my ways, in the way I live," he admitted in the interview.

He also spoke about his dedication to physical fitness.

"Take last night," he said. "I worked all day, interviews, rehearsing into the night, get home at 11 p.m. I need to eat something. Now it's 1 a.m. I didn't get my workout. So I went to the gym and I did a 90-minute workout at 2 a.m. I don't want to be in the gym at 2 a.m., but I know that I must."

Kravitz also emphasized the importance of discipline for overall well-being.

"Because it's part of my discipline — it's about body, mind and spirit," he explained. "I want all of those three elements aligned. If my body's in shape and my spirit and mind are not, then it's just something nice to look at or to boast about. Who cares? For me, all of it has to be aligned. And I have to do the work it takes to have all of those in alignment so my being can be at its maximum."

Kravitz - whose own marriage to actress Lisa Bonet ended in 1993 - admits his father's claim that he would end up doing the same thing soon became depressingly accurate.

Kravitz and Lisa Bonet who both share daughter Zoë, now 35, got married in 1987 until 1993, when they amicably divorced.

The singer went on to begin dating model and singer Vanessa Paradis, and they remained together until 1996. He was later engaged to both Adriana Lima and Nicole Kidman, but both relationships didn't progress into a marriage. 

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