SHAME as it emerges that Kenya Power MD and RUTO’s friend, JOSEPH SIROR, fired Kenya Power’s chief pilot after he refused to engage in a corruption deal.

Friday, May 3, 2024 - Kenya Power's chief pilot was reportedly fired recently by the Managing Director, Joseph Siror, after he refused to engage in a corruption deal.

According to Kileleshwa Ward MCA Robert Alai, Siror wanted to steal taxpayer’s money through procurement irregularities.

However, the chief pilot, who is the only Airmobile Pilot at Kenya Power, refused to bow down to Siror’s demands, and in the process, he lost his lucrative job.

Kenya Power MD Siror recently fired Kenya Power’s only Airmobile Pilot without clear reason. It’s believed that the Chief Pilot refused to bow down to the procurement irregularities MD Siror wanted,’Alai tweeted.

The chief pilot had viral airmobile tasks at Kenya Power.

Some of his roles included using helicopters and linesmen suspended from the aircraft for quicker transmission power line repairs and maintenance, which is faster than traditional methods involving climbing the pylons.

Siror has been incompetent in his job ever since he was appointed.

The country has been witnessing frequent nationwide power blackouts.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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