See how RUTO cleverly responded to CNN's RICHARD QUEST on whether Kenya is facing East or West

Sunday, May 26,2024 - President William Ruto on Saturday jetted back into the country after a five-day trip to the United States where he struck deals worth Sh 1 trillion with the Joe Biden-led administration.

Ruto's state visit to the U.S. came seven months after he visited China, where he held talks to boost Kenya-China relations and secured $1 billion in loans from China to help complete infrastructure projects.

However, speaking with CNN‘s Richard Quest, Ruto remained adamant that Kenya would not take sides in bilateral relations with countries in the East and in the West, referring to the U.S., China, and their allies.

The talented business journalist asked Ruto what his preference was if he was to choose between investments by American or Chinese companies.

“Many people want to pull us into a conversation about whether we are facing east or west, let me tell you, we are neither facing west nor east, we are facing forward, because that is where the opportunities are,” Ruto clarified.


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