Scandal rocks Government Spokesman’s Office as it emerges that ISAAC MWAURA is entangled in an affair with a NIBS intern - LOOK

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - The office of the Government Spokesman Isaac Maigua Mwaura is embroiled in a scandal of epic proportions with serious allegations of corruption and misconduct.

At the center of this controversy is crooked Personal Assistant to the Government Spokesman who also serves as the Chief of Staff.

He is accused of bullying, corruption, and embezzlement of funds through manipulation of travel imprest for personal gain.

Samwel Maina, the PA in question, is also abusing his position by inflating job groups of staff close to him, including himself, to defraud the government.

Reports indicate that Maina pockets up to Ksh 14,000 per day, a rate unjustified by his job group, alongside an office administrator who is also implicated in the scandal.

He also writes himself and others into travel imprest for trips not taken. The misuse of resources extends to questionable payments to journalists, hinting at a potential manipulation of the media to paint a rosier picture of the office’s operations.

 But perhaps the most brazen act of misconduct involves a female student from NIBS College, ostensibly on attachment, who has been spending an excessive amount of time alongside Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura.

This young woman, whose attachment has become the talk of the town, seems to have found herself in a position that many would envy, yet few understand.

Sources say she loves to spend her sweet time inside Mwaura's official government vehicle whenever he is on his never ending trips watching and recording TikTok videos.

 This has raised serious questions about the nature of her attachment and the propriety of her relationship with the Government Spokesman.

 The story gets even more tantalizing with further reports that Mwaura recently dismissed one of his drivers under questionable circumstances following a late-night altercation involving another lady referred to as Sapiyaya.

The driver was reportedly forced to exit the vehicle late at night and find his own way home, while Mwaura gallantly arranged an Uber ride for Sapiyaya and even generously footed the bill for her return journey.

 Could it be that the Government Spokesman's Office, an emblem of decency and decorum has become the stage for clandestine affairs?

One would wonder, how these ladies fit into the grand scheme of his office and what would draw Mwaura, a figure of authority and influence, to them? 

Is it the allure of youth, the thrill of forbidden love, or perhaps something deeper, more primal, hidden beneath the veneer of officialdom?

 Do they see in Mwaura a mentor, a confidant, or something more, perhaps a gateway to a world of power and privilege beyond their wildest dreams?

 This situation calls for a thorough investigation to ensure that public funds are protected and that any misconduct within the office of the Government Spokesman is addressed with appropriate action.


By Cyprian Nyakundi.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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