RUTO’s Govt now looking for any excuses to fire workers after failing to tame doctors’ strike as SUSAN NAKHUMICHA suspends salaries for 250 employees

Friday, May 3, 2024 – It appears the government of President William Ruto is just looking for any slight provocation to fire employees.

This is after the Ministry of Health suspended the salaries of about 250 employees on grounds of failing to declare their wealth.

While addressing a delegation at Afya House, Health PS Harry Kimtai announced that the Susan Nakhumicha-led Ministry had begun a comprehensive headcount of all workers within the ministry.

The PS noted the move was aimed at realigning its staff with the recently approved structure by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

According to PS Kimtai, there was a need to align staff assignments with the newly established framework, highlighting the importance of technical officers for departmental operations. 

Kimtai stated that the exercise was mainly for record updating, placing individuals according to their specialities, and aligning heads of divisions and directorates. 

"The headcount aims to ensure payroll accuracy and eliminate discrepancies through certificate verifications, updating records, and streamlining divisions and directorates accordingly," the Health PS stated.

"This reflects the Ministry's commitment to organizational efficiency and accountability," he added.

The PS also noted the scrutiny would involve county health workers and directed the striking medical officers to report back to work and submit the necessary paperwork.

According to the PS, non-compliance by the striking county medical officers would lead to s stiffer disciplinary action by the ministry.

The Ministry of Health urged all staff to submit paperwork by May 7 to avoid salary disruptions and potential disciplinary measures.

The move comes days after doctors vowed to continue with their protests until the government heeds their demands.


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