RUTO will be re-elected in 2027 without MT KENYA vote – MUTAHI NGUNYI says even after Predicting a RAILA win in 2022

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - Renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has sensationally claimed that President William Ruto would do well politically without the backing of the Mt Kenya region.

Ngunyi warned that the rest of the country could unite behind the head of state if the vote-rich region dumps Ruto.

“Dear Kikuyus, you can unite as much as you want at Limuru3. But the 43 tribes of Kenya can also be behind Ruto without you,” Ngunyi wrote on X.

Ngunyi went on to term Mt Kenya region as “unreliable and ungrateful.”

“Why? I warned Ruto that ‘ cannot buy a Kikuyu, you can only rent one".

Ngunyi made the remarks in the wake of the Limuru III meeting on Friday.

'You cannot buy a Kikuyu, you can only rent one' slogan was rampant among the proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) from the Mt Kenya region in 2021.

For those who remember, it is the same Ngunyi who predicted in 2022 that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga would annihilate Ruto during the hotly contested presidential election.


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  1. Sometimes it is better to use other means of soliciting for job from Ruto without bringing Gikuyu into the picture. You said Ruto would lose to Jakom in 2021 as ate in jubilee but he won. Now you try hard to catch his eye, so you join the gravy train lakini nyet. We have many unprincipled judases in this nation

  2. Fact is that the Mt. Kenya vote is over-rated. Moi did without it and ruled for 24 years. The arrogance exhibited at Limuru 111 can boomerang and unite other tribes against one!