RUTO will be a one-term president like it or not as new report reveals disturbing news – Look!

Thursday, May 30, 2024 – President William Ruto may be going home come 2027 unless a miracle happens.

This is after the National Conversation Report 2024 revealed that most Kenyans have lost hope in Ruto and his government.

Presenting the proposal at the National Prayer Breakfast at the Safari Park Hotel off Thika Road, Mukurweini MP John Kaguchia said the conversation was held on Wednesday, May 29, and was attended by over 300 participants.

According to the report, Kenyans were crestfallen by several issues that have compounded their woes.

"The highlights of the conversation and the comments from participants include; on the question of whether Kenya is in trouble, the participants said yes." 

"The sources of disgrace and trouble for Kenya include vices that Kenya has held for decades, such as tribalism, corruption, inflation, strikes, lack of jobs, poor leadership, the huge gap between the rich and poor, mismanagement of resources, betrayal of public trust, and failed promises," the report said.

The conversation was facilitated by Advocate Peter Waiyaki, Justice Daniel Musinga, and Dr. Nelson Makanda. 

It was hosted by the National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula.

However, the participants expressed hope that Kenya can rebuild by retracing its steps and building a wholesome nation conducive to all.

The report also stated that citizens must drastically reduce their participation in corruption and report any cases that cripple the fight against the vice.

The views of Kenyans enlisted in the report come amid concerns over the nation's trajectory.

President Ruto, nonetheless has remained optimistic that his regime will address the issues that have continued to overburden the common mwananchi.


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