RUTO is paying me what I rightfully deserve – DAVID NDII brutally responds to Kenyans who accused him of ‘eating’ our taxes for doing nothing

Monday, May 6, 2024 - Economist David Ndii has for the umpteenth time sought to deflate the belief that he is a joyrider in the Kenya Kwanza regime, ‘eating’ taxpayers’ money for doing nothing.

A section of Kenyans has argued that Ndii constituted a team of inessential government officers charged with outsider roles for fat paychecks thus overburdening the taxpayer.

He chairs the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors, which counsels the president on matters of the economy.

Reacting to a tweet suggesting that he is paid for no work, Ndii brutally explained that he is rightfully in his post for which he is remunerated.

"You are on the government payroll, a direct beneficiary of our taxes," the Kenyan said.

To which Ndii responded;

"I am not a tax beneficiary. Beneficiary means getting something you have not earned, like pesa ya wazee, free education, HELB loans, etc. 

"I am paid for services rendered, much less than I would be earning, I should add."

The discussion started off after the economist was called out for his presumed lack of empathy while commentating on the flooding situation in the country.

In his commentaries, Ndii suggested that the deaths from the prevalent disaster were natural and, thus, Kenyans should not read much into them.

Irked Kenyans would, however, call him out, arguing he was quipping on the faces of jaded compatriots ravaged by the floods.

Those calling him out explained that he is a state officer and should, therefore, tread with empathy when addressing emotive issues.

However, Ndii annulled the explanation that he is a public officer, taking on those arguing that he is on the government payroll by chance.

"I am not your leader," Ndii said in one of his tweets.


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