Read about the famous Kenyan promoter DS NJOROGE, the undisputed ‘One Man Cartel’ in the events industry - You can easily mistake him for a lorry driver (PHOTOs).

Friday, May 24, 2024 - Lots of people know the famous DS International Disco (10,000 Watts) at the Nairobi Show Grounds, but do they know the man behind it?

Most entertainment insiders have never met the man; DS Njoroge. Not even some members of the media. He rarely does interviews, and even getting his picture is a hard task.

The most striking thing is that DS moves alone. He works with many people but you rarely get to see them. With over 40 years in the entertainment industry, he has close to zero digital footprint.

If you met him today, you would easily mistake him for a lorry driver who has just offloaded potatoes at the Marikiti market and is just waiting to be paid. 

But until he pulls his power moves, is when you will realize who exactly you’re dealing with.

Different event organizers have different opinions of DS. “He knows everything,” one promoter, who has sought his services several times, describes him. 

“If you’re looking for the guy who knows where the bodies are buried, DS is your guy.”

However, the same promoter says DS is extremely professional. 

“Other than being honest, he is passionate about Kenyan music. As a promoter, however, he will treat you the way you treat him. He has intelligence on what’s the state of the music industry at any time.”

But other than providing sound equipment for events, what else does he do for the music industry?

If you’re a promoter bringing in an international artist to perform in Kenya, they will need a work permit to do so. For many years, DS has perfected the skill of making this available for any promoter fast.

 Once you have DS on board, you just need to show up at the airport arrivals lounge and wait for DS to do his thing. 

He will walk into the airport past the immigration, get your artist, clear them, and hand them over to you at the arrivals area, before disappearing into thin air. How work is done, unless you need sound equipment for your event.

He charges event promoters for that service. But then again, it depends on who you are. There is a time when DJ Kareez brought in an international artist and he called DS.

DS showed up at the airport, went in, and came out with the artist. “Then he asked me, kuna kitu ingine? I said that was it. He shook my hand and left, without charging me even a single coin,” recalls Kareez.

Most people who have worked with DS say he is a straightforward man. The only thing is that you don’t cross him in any way.

A graduate of Makerere University, DS studied with some political figures in Kenya today, including former Embu Governor, Martin Wambora, among many others.

He is known for bringing in international artists over the years like ShabaRanks, Franco, just to mention a few.

When reggae legend Bob Marley was heading to Zimbabwe in the late 70s for a show, DS met him and his crew outside Nairobi’s City Hall, where they were taking pictures. 

People didn’t know who that was, because reggae music was not that big in Kenya during that time.


 The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. DS was the pioneer music promoter. He was very popular in the '80s and Kakamega was his second base