RAILA ODINGA is acting like the greedy hyena in Luo folklore – He wants to eat his cake and have it!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - A Kenyan professor based in Canberra, Australia, has accused former Prime Minister Raila Odinga of acting like a greedy hyena when it comes to his bid for the African Union chairperson seat and at the same time remaining as Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party leader.

Prof. Alfred Omenya, who is a sustainable development expert and an architect, said Raila Odinga is behaving like the greedy hyena in Luo folklore that bursts into two for following two paths simultaneously.

Omenya said Raila Odinga, like the greedy hyena, will 'burst into two' for wanting to become the AU chairperson and at the same time to be the opposition leader in Kenya and ODM supremo.

The scholar said Raila Odinga will finish badly if he continues with this habit of eating his cake and at the same time wanting to have it.

“Raila can't have his cake and eat it! Luo folklore is replete with stories of the greedy hyena who, at a crossroads, decided to follow two paths simultaneously, in search of food. 

"It ended in premium tears as the hyena burst into two. 

"I hope Raila heard these stories as a child,” Prof Omenya wrote on X ( formerly Twitter).


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