RAILA is spot on RUTO and his inept government – Jubilee Youth Leader defends BABA for shredding the president

Saturday, May 11, 2024 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was right to criticize President William Ruto and his government.

This was revealed by Jubilee Party National Youth Chair Advice Mundalo, who defended the ODM leader’s recent criticism of Ruto and his government, arguing that he has every right to do so.

Raila is keen to be the next chairperson of the Africa Union Commission (AUC) and has been working closely with Ruto's administration to woo African presidents to support his bid.

However, his recent criticism of the Kenya Kwanza government raised eyebrows, and a section of leaders allied to the president demanded that he apologise and desist from 'biting the hand that's feeding him'.

Mundalo said such an argument is misplaced as Raila was still the Opposition leader and had not been elected as AUC chair yet.

"Raila has every right to criticise the government because that is his work as the leader of the opposition. He will only desist from doing so the day he will become AUC chair," Mundalo.

He emphasized the importance of having a strong Opposition in a democratic country, arguing it helps to strengthen good governance.

"The president himself is on record asking the opposition side to do its job. At no point has he ever complained about criticism from the opposition. He is the one who proposed to have the office of the opposition leader so that the bearer can have resources to do the job properly," added the communication strategist.

When asked about whether Raila's response would rattle the President to withdraw support from his AU bid, Mundalo said:

“The President stands tall as an icon of Democracy operates at the highest level of the country's governance and is therefore not petty to react to Opposition gimmicks. He will support Raila's bid because he has a proven history of sticking to his word without minding petty politics,” he said.


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