Pathetic working conditions at ORBIT CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES along Mombasa Road exposed after employees were exposed to toxic gases.


Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - A disgruntled employee has exposed pathetic working conditions at Orbits Chemical Industries after employees were reportedly exposed to toxic gases on 20th May 2024.

The victims were denied medical attention despite being exposed to the toxic gases.

The affected employees have also been gagged from speaking to the media about the incident.


I am writing to bring to your attention a concerning situation involving a company that has neglected the health and safety of its employees. Employees at ORBIT CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Ltd Mombasa road were exposed to toxic gases yesterday on 20th/05/2024, specifically sulfur trioxide (SO3), without appropriate medical attention or concern from management.

Several employees at the company were exposed to sulfur trioxide gas due to inadequate safety measures and equipment failure. Despite the severity of the situation, the company management has failed to take prompt action to ensure the affected employees receive proper medical care.

Shockingly, instead of addressing the issue and providing necessary assistance, management has resorted to threats and intimidation tactics to silence employees from speaking out about the incident with them(management )finding a secure place to sit at and away from the fumes.

It is deeply troubling that Company is disregarding the health and safety of its workforce and actively discouraging employees from seeking medical help after exposure to hazardous substances. Such negligence poses a significant risk not only to the affected individuals but also to the surrounding community and environment.

As our only hopes kindly help us EXPOSE this company, so that the Health Regulation Board gets aware & conduct a thorough investigation into the practices of this company regarding employee health and safety.

 Immediate intervention is needed to ensure that affected employees receive appropriate medical attention and that necessary measures are implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future. I appreciate your attention to this matter

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  1. When COTU existed, there was protection for workers, but with the death of COTU, workers are on their own