Only street protests will stop RUTO’s Finance Bill 2024 - BABU OWINO rallies Kenyans over proposed bread tax.

Thursday, May 16, 2024 - Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has called on Kenyans to go to the streets and start demonstrating over the punitive Finance Bill 2024.

In an interview with K24 TV, Babu Owino stated that the Finance Bill 2024, which seeks to introduce taxes on bread, should be opposed by every Kenyan.

Babu, who was elected on the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party ticket, drew an example from the French Revolution, where economic inequality and social injustice fueled widespread unrest.

He likened the proposed tax on bread to a symbol of oppression, referencing the infamous remark attributed to Marie Antoinette, wife of King Louis XVI of France, who purportedly suggested that if people couldn't afford bread, they should eat cake instead.

Babu suggested that President Ruto's stance echoes Marie Antoinette's sentiment.

"When it comes to the Finance Bill, you know very well that Kenyans are suffering because of the high cost of living and every year the increment of the taxes leads to an increment in expenditure without an increment in income in the pockets of common mwananchi

"Right now the Kenya Kwanza government is introducing a tax on bread. We know the French Revolution, it was caused because of economic inequality and social injustice. 

"When common mwananchi were demonstrating demanding that the cost of bread be lowered in France during the reign of King Louis XVI. 

"The people said you must lower the cost of bread, the wife of the king, Marie Antonette came out boldly and said ' If you guys can't afford bread, eat cake' That is what Ruto is telling us, that if we can't afford bread, we eat cake. " Babu stated.

Babu noted that the only way to stop the introduction of more taxes is via mass demonstrations.


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