MPs who steal NG-CDF money should not be re-elected – RUTO tells Kenyan voters

Saturday, May 4, 2024 - President William Ruto has urged Kenyan voters not to re-elect a Member of Parliament who has misappropriated the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF).

Speaking during the 20th anniversary of NG-CDF at a Nairobi hotel on Friday, Ruto said Members of Parliament who preside over its theft should never be elected.

"I want to say this, without fear of any contradiction: any Member of Parliament who presides over the misappropriation of CDF or the theft of CDF should never be elected.

"They should never be elected because it is the ultimate betrayal of the people who elected you," Ruto said.

He also took a jibe at MPs who fail to secure re-election despite the fact that they preside over millions of shillings during their parliamentary tenure.

"If you use CDF perfectly, you will be elected. Just that. Because CDF puts at your disposal close to Ksh600 million in your term of five years.

"My friends, with Ksh600m, if you cannot win an election, then you have... I mean... wewe ni bure kabisa.

"I mean surely, Eti mtu ametoka uko, amefanya ukarabati mpaka amekufukaza na umekuwa na Ksh600 million. 

"Unaenda hapa unatangaza shule, unaenda hapa unatangaza halafu unashindwa?" he quipped.


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  1. Your the first to serve as one term president so don’t forget to give us useless advice of who to elect it will be only be miracle for you and current MP to even think of 2027
    Bye bye
    But Venezuela will install you again 🤣🙌