Mother throws her disabled 6-year-old son into crocodile infested river because husband told her to (PHOTOs/ VIDEO)

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - A mother has thrown her disabled six-year-old son into a crocodile-infested river where he has reportedly been mauled to death by reptiles.

Savitri Kumar, 26, from Uttara Kannada, a district in Karnataka, India, had a heated argument with the boy's father, Ravi Kumar, 27, who repeatedly ordered her to “throw the child away,” the Times of India reports.

Police say her husband allegedly questioned her decision to give birth to a child with a disability.

When the parents fought about their son again on Saturday evening, May 4, Savitri was “distressed” and reportedly threw her son into a waste canal that flows into the Kali river, which is infested with crocodiles.

The Mother

Neighbours who witnessed this called the police, who deployed divers to search for the boy in the water, but to no avail, as it was dark.

They returned on Sunday morning, May 5, and found the child's body, which showed bite marks all over.

The boy suffered severe injuries and was missing a hand, which a police officer suggested indicated that the boy was mauled to death by one or more crocodiles.

The Father

A post mortem has been ordered to determine the six-year-old's cause of death.

The couple also has another son aged two and is said to frequently fight about their older son's speech impediment.

Officers have launched an investigation into the incident.

The victim as a toddler

A police officer told local media that it was a “murder” case and that both the husband and wife have been arrested.

Watch video below.

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