Misplaced priorities as RUTO’s Govt increases money for State House renovation after denying doctors money to call off strike as floods still cause havoc

Sunday May 5, 2024 – The government of President William Ruto has once again got its priorities wrong.

After denying doctors more money to call of their strike, and with the ongoing flooding that has caused devastation and deaths, Ruto’s government still has found it a priority to renovate State House before anything else.

State House Nairobi is set to receive more funds for its renovation plans following the release of supplementary estimates for development expenditure.

As detailed in the 264-page document, State House will be allocated Ksh26 million more refurbishments in the President's official residence in Nairobi.

Consequently, following the revisions, the total budget for the refurbishments for Nairobi now moves from Ksh795,471,940 to Ksh821,471,940.

As explained in the supplementary budget, the Ksh26 million will be used to acquire specialised equipment and machinery.

State House has been undertaking renovations for the main facilities in Nairobi and State Lodges across the country.

While the main building at State House is still undergoing works, the government constructed a presidential dais which also hosts offices for President William Ruto.

Notably, in the current budget that is set to end in June 2024, Ksh1.3 billion was allocated for the exercise. The majority of the funds were allocated to Nairobi and Mombasa.

Following the revisions of the supplementary budget, here are the millions allocated for the refurbishment and maintenance exercise;

Ksh821,471,940 - General maintenance works at State House Nairobi

Ksh302,000,000 - Refurbishment of buildings at Mombasa State House

Ksh99,490,000 - Refurbishment of buildings at Nakuru State House

Ksh30,000,000 - General maintenance works at Eldoret State Lodge

Ksh27,000,000 - General maintenance works at State House Sagana

Ksh10,000,000 - Rehabilitation works at Kakamega State Lodge

Ksh9,940,060 - Rehabilitation Works at Kisumu State Lodge

Ksh9,000,000 -   General maintenance works at Kisii State Lodge

Ksh798,000 -   The mechanical garage


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