Meet Cate, the beautiful lady who was abandoned with a one-week-old baby by MARY LINCOLN’s ex-husband NJOGU WA NJOROGE - Wanaume hawana huruma (PHOTOs).

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - Renowned vernacular presenter and Mary Lincoln’s ex-husband, Njogu Wa Njoroge, is embroiled in a scandal after he reportedly impregnated a young lady and dumped her.

Word has it that he abandoned the one-week-old infant and cut communication with the lady.

The lady’s identity has since been unveiled.

Her name is Cate Williams, an upcoming Kikuyu gospel singer.

She fell in love with Njogu thinking that he would take their relationship to the next level after he divorced Mary Lincoln over infidelity.

However, his intention was to use her and later dump her.

Cate has announced on her Facebook account that she is back to the market and a proud mother of one, despite Njogu abandoning her together with their child.

“I am back to the market. Still a good girl. Proud Mother of One,’’ she wrote.

Njogu’s appetite for women is well-known.

He uses his popularity to prey on young ladies, especially upcoming Kikuyu gospel singers.

We understand that he has several baby mamas.

See photos of Cate.


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