Kenyan Police officers will decimate HAITI gangs including the dreaded BARBECUE – DUALE says

Friday, May 31, 2024 - Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale has expressed confidence that Kenyan Police officers will succeed in eliminating criminal gangs in Haiti.

Kenya's government under the support of the United Nations and the United States will send 1000 police officers to help the Haiti police restore order in the Caribbean Island.

The Kenyan police officers will arrive in Port Au Prince even as Gang leader Jimmy Cherizier alias Berbeque urged them to come with body bags because they would be killed by his men for trying to interfere with Haiti's independence.

But speaking on Jeff Koinange Live on Wednesday, Duale said Kenya has conducted successful peacekeeping missions in Somalia, Kosovo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo and will not fail in Haiti.

“We are going to Haiti; within the police, we have special teams that can deal with different scenarios.

 "We have the General Service Unit (GSU), Public Protection Unit (PPU), and other highly trained officers doing a great job within our borders. 

"It is not the normal police on the streets of Nairobi," Duale told Koinange.

When questioned about the nature of the dreaded gangs in Haiti, he said Kenyans should exercise patience and see what the Kenyan police can do.

"I don't understand why you cannot wait and see how Haiti will be when we land. 

"We have men and women who can bring peace and security not only to our country but to where they are called upon,” he said.


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