BARACK MULUKA says RUTO violated the constitution by using Private jet offered by ‘friends’ to the U.S. for Ksh 10 million.

Friday, May 31,2024 - Former Amani National Congress(ANC) Secretary General, Barack Muluka, has hit out at President William Ruto for stating that his 'friends' offered him a private jet to use for his state visit to the US, for only Sh10 million.

Muluka, while speaking in an interview with a local TV station on Friday, demanded to know the interests the said friends have in Kenya.

According to Muluka, President Ruto personally accepted the donations, violating the constitution of Kenya.

"The issue here is that we are not dealing with a private wedding. We are dealing with a State visit by a State officer to another State, and we are dealing with humongous donations contrary to the constitution of Kenya.

By being offered a Sh70 million private jet for Sh10 million, Muluka says President Ruto compromised Article 76(2)(b) of the constitution.

The political analyst further argued that Ruto's move may lead Kenya the South African way, where then President Jacob Zuma had to be removed from office after getting involved in a similar incident.

"We are in the space where the integrity of the state officer in line with Article 76(2)(b) of the constitution is likely to be compromised. 

"We are finding ourselves as a country where the South Africans were a few years ago when President Jacob Zuma was involved in deals of this kind...These are weighty matters that compromise the integrity of the State and its security," Muluka stated.


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