Kenyan LADY’s bank account hacked and money sent to a Tiktoker in form of gifts on Tiktok Live - Are fraudsters using Tiktokers like Nyako to launder money?

Thursday, May 2, 2024 - A lady almost lost her lifetime savings after a fraudster hacked her bank account at night and started sending gifts to a Tiktoker on Tiktok Live.

The victim has a locked savings account at I &M Bank in which she only makes deposits.

She was woken by notification messages in her phone and upon checking, she realized that someone was sending gifts to a Tiktoker on Tiktok Live back to back.

She immediately contacted the bank and the card was blocked.

There have been allegations that online fraudsters use Tiktokers to launder money.

The fraudsters reportedly send them money in the form of gifts after hacking bank accounts.

The Tiktokers get a commission from the money sent.

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