"Islam forbids this kind of relationship. Your marriage is not legal in Islam." Muslim man criticised after sharing photos of him and his Christian wife praying in different ways

Saturday, May 11, 2024 - A Muslim man shared several photos of him and his Christian wife praying in the ways of their different religions to promote religious tolerance, but it backfired.

The husband and his wife are seen praying in the same room but separately.

While the woman knelt with her hands clasped in the Christian way, the man is seen on his prayer mat, praying as Islam requires.

At the end of their prayers, they shared a hug.

"My wife and me. Christian and Muslim relationship," he captioned the photos.

However, his followers were not pleased and they asked why he has not converted his wife to Islam.

The man explained that he and his five daughters are Muslims and his wife is learning about Islam but she has not converted yet.

His followers replied, telling him that his marriage is forbidden in Islam and, as such, not legal.

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  1. that marriage is allowed in Islam. the headline is false.