Here is an update on the case where a man based in the US paid 4 people to trail and kill a Business lady -They doused her with acid.

Friday, May 17, 2024 - A hate crime planned and financed by a Kenyan living in the diaspora has now been moved from Thika Law Courts to Kiambu High Court.

On diverse dates, Patrick Mutugu (currently hiding in the USA) sent money to Margaret (Girlfriend) and Edwin (Nephew) to hire hitmen to cause harm to a business lady in Juja named Dorothy.

They trailed Dorothy as she left her work assignment in Kabati, Muranga, waited until she had a meal along Kenyatta Road, and then trailed her as she left for her home in Juja, Kiambu County.

They rammed into her car from the rear and it was when she opened the door to assess the damage that Simon Mbua doused her with corrosive liquid acid, causing severe burns and loss of eyesight.

In total, Patrick Mutugu wired over Kshs. 2m.

The 4th accused said to be his girlfriend was arrested at her hideout in Kirinyaga County on Monday this week.

Impeccable investigations by the DCI Juja Police Station team saw four (4) suspects apprehended with the case initially heard at the Thika Law Courts.

The accused were represented by lawyer Danstan Omari, who had managed to secure the release of the 3rd and the 6th accused on amended bail terms of Kshs. 500,000 each, but the DCI Kenya homicide team and the Director of Public Prosecution office 
moved swiftly to the High Court in Kiambu, which set aside the ruling from Thika.

The suspects appeared before a Kiambu magistrate today who ordered that they be held at Industrial Area and Langata Women’s Prison respectively.

The 4th accused requested 3 working days to get counsel and her prayer was granted.

The prosecution team will seek Interpol's assistance
 to apprehend the main suspect Patrick Mutugu for extradition to Kenya. He owns a company called Caring Home Services in Indiana USA.

He also works at Grant Blackford Mental Health in Marion City Indiana.

Below are photos of the financier.

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